Calf Pro
has provided coccidial control from
birth to weaning
Calf Pro is a unique liquid suspension of the coccidiocide Bovatec* and vitamins. It acts early in the coccidia life cycle before oocyst maturation, which causes intestinal damage. Intestinal damage impairs absorption of water, nutrients and electrolytes.
Calf Pro acts early.
Calf Pro gives immediate protection.
Calf Pro provides the correct amount of medication from the first feeding, 72 hours after birth. It eliminates the wait for cocci protection through dry feed intake. Calves seldom eat enough medicated feed for cocci protection until four to five weeks of age.
Calf Pro controls subclinical infections that are not visible.
Calves can ingest the coccidial parasite soon after birth; however, only about five percent of calves show clinical signs of infection (bloody scours and dehydration). Subclinical infections reduce the absorption of critical nutrients.
Calf Pro
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*Bovatec, lasalocid, is a registered trademark of Alpharma, Inc.
Since 1995