Use Directions
Starting 72 hours after birth, add Calf Pro to whole milk or reconstituted milk replacer to provide 1 mg of lasalocid per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of body weight on a daily basis. Each mililiter (cc) of Calf Pro will provide medication and vitamin supplementation for 11 pounds or 5 kg of calf body weight. Calf Pro can be fed once or twice daily. Ten (10) ml once a day, or five (5) ml twice daily, will provide the correct medication level for a 110 lb. calf. Reduce the medication rate for lighter weight calves to correspond to their body weight.

Use Calf Pro daily until weaning or until calves are consuming sufficient medicated calf starter grain to provide coccidiosis protection. Calves seldom eat enough supplement to get adequate cocci protection until four to five weeks of age.
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