Frequently Asked Questions About Calf Pro
Is Calf Pro effective for the treatment of coccidiosis, if clinical signs are observed ?
No, Calf Pro is a prevention medication and contains an ionophore, (lasalocid or Bovatec) which kills the parasites in the early stages of development. Calf Pro prevents the later stages of infection from occurring.
Why does Calf Pro contain vitamins ?
Calf Pro is formulated for addition to whole milk, which does not contain enough essential vitamins for calves until the rumen is fully developed at approximately eight weeks of age. Each 10 ml of Calf Pro contains a high level (100 IU) of vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant vitamin as well as additional vitamins to provide maximum growth potential for healthy calves.
Why should I use Calf Pro if I use Bovatec in my calf starter feed ?
Calves do not eat sufficient amounts of calf starter until they are four to five weeks of age to get the proper level of Bovatec medication. Remember, the oocysts can be ingested during the first week of life.
When should I start to use Calf Pro and should I feed Calf Pro with colostrum ?
Start using Calf Pro 72 hours after birth. Do not use during the first two days following birth since the intestinal villae have large openings for the absorption of the immunoglobulins in colostrum, and a large amount of the lasalocid will be absorbed. Ionophores (Bovatec) act within the intestine and not in the blood stream. Wait until colostrum feeding has finished. Any parasites ingested the first day or two will be destroyed at the initial feeding of Calf Pro.
How do I add Calf Pro to the milk and how often should I feed Calf Pro ?
Calf Pro can be added to individual feeding buckets or bottles or it can be added to a container of milk that is further divided into individual feeders. Once daily feeding is sufficient, however, adding appropriate levels at each feeding often eliminates feeding errors.
Will Calf Pro settle out of suspension ?
Calf Pro will stay in suspension until diluted with milk. Calf Pro is easily dispersed into milk; however, the milk should be fed within a short time period. If not, reaggitate the milk for good distribution.
Does freezing hurt Calf Pro ?
Although not recommended, if Calf Pro is inadvertently subjected to freezing conditions, it can be thawed and used.
Are there any residue problems ?
No, Calf Pro will not cause any residue problems. Animals fed Bovatec do not have a feed withdrawal time prior to slaughter.
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